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Where Are They Now?

liamhs liamCollege

Miles Fallin

Kansas - QB

Canyon Graduate 2016

liamhs liamCollege

Liam Cabrera

San Diego State University - WR

Majoring in Interdisciplinary

Canyon Graduate 2015

izzyhs izzyCollege

Israel Cabrera

San Diego State University - Safety

Majoring in Criminal Justice

Canyon Graduate 2015

Cadehs cadeCollege

Cade Apsay

University of Colorado - QB

Majoring in Psychology

Canyon Graduate 2014

WoliHS WoliCollege

Drew Wolitarsky

University of Minnesota - WR

Majoring in English

Canyon Graduate 2013

JerozalHS JerozalCollege

Jonathan Jerozal

Stetson University - QB

Majoring in Sports Management

Canyon Graduate 2012

ArchuletaHS ArchuletaCollege

Max Archuleta

Yale - RB

Studying Constitutional Law

Canyon Graduate 2012

ApsayHS ApsayCollege

Coley Apsay

San Francisco State

Majoring in Psychology

Canyon Graduate 2012

DavisHS DavisCollege

Drew Davis

Sterling College - DB

Majoring in Mathematics & Art Education

Canyon Graduate 2010

MonizHS MonizCollege

Shane Moniz

Northern Arizona University - Center

Majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Canyon Graduate 2010

RivasHS RivasCollege

Chris Rivas

University of Nebraska Kearney - WR

Majoring in Exercise Science

Canyon Graduate 2009

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AdamczykHS AdamczykCollege

Jordan Adamczyk

Weber State - QB

Majoring in Criminal Justice

Canyon Graduate 2009

More To Come.....