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Canyon Cowboys All C.I.F.

Jim ElfordClint BeauerCIF MVP - Matt Brown
Don PhilipsJustin FixCIF MVP - Austin Civita
1970Rick McKeonCIF MVP - J.J. Diluigi
Jim ElfordChris PeeryCIF MVP - Garrett Leary
1975Coach of the Year - Harry WelchTyler Hawkins
Bob Rodrigues1989Chris Kingsbury
1977Clint BeauerNick Madia
Fred CornwellEric HanesNick Peterson
Dave SmithChris PeeryRichie Wirthlin
19781990Coach of the Year - Harry Welch
Fred CornwellJohn Artimovich2006
Dave SmithScott BladeCIF MVP - J.J. Diluigi
19821991Ben Armbruster
Tim MorrisonChuck OsborneNick Jurado
19831992Chris Kingsbury
Rick BurtonEd WilliamsBen Longshore
Robert Owens1994Mike Loucks
Brent ParkinsonMark ManskarBlake McMartin
Coach of the Year - Harry Welch1998Nick Peterson
1984David JohnsonMike Spagnola
Randy Austin1999Marc Valdez
Brent ParkinsonScott ArnoldCoach of the Year - Harry Welch
Joe Zacharia20002007
1985Colin MacNeilMike Spagnola
CIF MVP - Randy Austin2002A.J. Wallerstein
Jeff CarterNate LongshoreStephen Wirthlin
Cary CaufieldJustin Vaughn2010
Lance Cross2003Drew Wolitarsky
Derek RuskSean CoenT.J. Yonkers
Joe ZachariaNate Longshore2011
Coach of the Year - Harry WelchLouis MontanoJonathan Jerozal
1986Andrew SchantzJuan Rodriguez
CIF MVP - Ken Sollom2004Drew Wolitarsky
Trevor DoyleRyan Colletta2012
Chad ZeiglerDejon NegronDrew Wolitarsky
1987Alex ShahinJuan Rodriguez
Kevin DossJustin Williams2013
Justin Fix Cade Apsay
Chris Peery Liam Cabrera
Dominic Spainhower 2014
  Israel Cabrera
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