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Team Records

Most Rushing Yards - Game333 Yds Vs ValenciaJeff McKinley1996
Most Rushing Yards - Season2159 YdsJJ DiLuigi2006
Most Rushing Yards - Career4037 YdsEd Williams91-93
Most Rushing TD's - Game6 Td's Vs SaugusJJ DiLuigi2005
Most Rushing TD's - Season36 Td'sJJ DiLuigi2005
Most Rushing TD's - Career70 Td'sJJ DiLuigi04-06
Most Rushing Attempts - Game39 Rushes Vs ValenciaJeff McKinley1996
Most Rushing Attempts - Season266 RushesJJ DiLuigi2006
Most Passing Yards - Game425 Yds Vs West RanchMiles Fallin2014
Most Passing Yards - Season3448 YdsNate Longshore2003
Most Passing Yards - Career8178 YdsJonathan Jerozal09-11
Most TD Passes - Game5 Tds Vs CrespiJohn Watkins1984
 5 Tds Vs SaugusNate Longshore2003
 5 Tds Vs Dos PueblosJonathan Jerozal2010
 5 Tds Vs Golden ValleyJonathan Jerozal2011
 5 Tds Vs KnightCade Apsay2012
 5 Tds Vs West RanchMiles Fallin2014
Most TD Passes - Season39 TdsCade Apsay2012
Most TD Passes - Career77 TdsJonathan Jerozal09-11
Passing Completions - Game30 Vs ValenciaMiles Fallin2014
Passing Completions - Season219 CompletionsNate Longshore2003
Passing Completions - Career542 CompletionsJonathan Jerozal09-11
Completion % - Season61.80%Jordan Adamczyk2008
Most Receiving Yards - Game301 Yds Vs ChaminadeChris Rivas2008
Most Receiving Yards - Season1628 YdsDrew Wolitarsky2011
Most Receiving Yards - Career5148 YdsDrew Wolitarsky09-12
Most TD Receptions - Game4 Tds Vs BurroughsClint Beauer1989
 4 Tds Vs ChaminadeChris Rivas2008
 4 Tds Vs Golden ValleyDrew Wolitarsky2011
 4 Tds Vs Golden ValleyDrew Wolitarsky2012
Most TD Receptions - Season19 TdsDrew Wolitarsky2011
Most Receiving Yards - Career5148 YdsDrew Wolitarsky09-12
Most Receptions - Game15 Receptions vs ValenciaKevin Voogt2008
Most Receptions - Season107 ReceptionsSean Coen2003
Most Receptions - Career281 ReceptionsDrew Wolitarsky 09-12
Most Interceptions - Game3 Vs Simi ValleyScott Monson1981
 3 Vs BuenaJason Stanley1988
 3 Vs Burroughs (Ridgecrest)Joe McKeon1989
 3 Vs EtiwandaRobert Jimenez2003
 3 Vs ValenciaJeff Shalem2004
 3 Vs MorningsideZach Cuha2012
Most Interceptions - Season10 InterceptionsDerek Rusk1985
Most Interceptions - Career14 InterceptionsIzzy Cabrera12-14
Sacks - Season10.5 SacksGarrett Leary2005
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